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K2 Expedition


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 K-2, the pyramid of Pakistan in the Karakoram chain was discovered in 1856 during a geo-political survey by British explorers, which later became a flash point for the mountain lovers. T.G. Montgomery, Godwin-Austin is the name among few who brought this treasure to the world’s vision. Since its exposure it has been attracting many mountaineers from all over the world. In 1954, an Italian expedition engraved an extraordinary feat on the rocks of K-2 as pioneers.K2 Expedition registration is now open. Climbing K2 is considered one of the top mountaineering expeditions in the world. The mighty K2 is every tough mountaineer’s dream. We are offering K2 Expedition departures (guided and non-guided) for  mountaineers and alpinists from around the world. Climbing K2 is much more challenging and far more dangerous than climbing Everest via the standard North or Southside routes, and for this reason, we plan to keep our team size small and comprised of qualified climbers, supported by some of the best climbing Sherpas and mountain guides in the world. Unlike on Everest, because the weather and route conditions are notoriously fickle on K2, we must be prepared to take advantage of very brief periods of good weather.

Day 01: Arrive Islamabad- Transfer to Hotel

Day 2: Flight to Skardu or Drive to Chilas

Day 3: Skardu (275km)-

Day 4: Drive to Askoli (3000m)

Day 5: Trek to Jhola(3200m)-

Day 6: Trek to Paiju (3450m)

Day 7: Rest day at  Paiju (3450m)- Optional

Day 8: Trek to Urdukas (4,200)-

Day 9: Trek to Goro (4,300m)

Day 10: Trek to Concordia (4650m)-

Day 11: Trek to K-2 Base Camp –

Day 12-52:  – CLIMBING

Days 53-57: -Return to Askole or Hushe over Gondogoro La and drive to Skardu

Day 58:-Fly to Islamabad Or Drive to Chilas

59-60 Islamabad / fly homeland 

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