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Biafo Glacier (60 km. long) and Hispar Glacier (61 km. long) meet at the 5151 m.Hispar Pass to form one of the longest glacial systems outside the Polar Regions. This highway of ice connects two ancient mountain kingdoms; Hunza in the west with Baltistan in the east. At the base of Hispar Pass on its eastern flank rests Snow Lake, a basin of ice (16 km. wide) surrounded by granite pinnacles yet to be climbed. Glaciologists have conducted various experiments on the lake and have found the ice to be approximately 1.6 km. deep. Some go as far as to say that Snow Lake represents the last of the original 

ice cap in the earth’s temperate zones.The walk takes us past glistening clear lakes, bright spots of green grass, glorious wild flowers and the ever present vertical snow covered peaks hanging above to complete this dazzling scene. The next two days take us over the white covered Biafo Glacier to Snow Lake. We then make the exhilarating walk up to Hispar Pass continuously overwhelmed by the incredible views. Having reached the highest point of our journey atop Hispar Pass (5151 m.) we will have the opportunity to observe a unique vantage point: the summit of Workman Peak 5890m The return path will run through the 5151m Hispar La to Hispar Village.The green oasis of Hispar Village awaits us signaling only another day is walk before a jeep transports us to Karimabad, Hunza. First sight of the lush valley of Hunza is breathtaking and in some ways makes up for the nostalgia one feels after completing a long walk. We spend one night in Karimabad then we are off to Gilgit by way of the KKH.


Day-01  Islamabad/Rawalpindi

 Day-02  Drive to Chilas  11-12hrs

 Day-03  Drive to Skardu 8-9hrs

 Day-04  Drive to Askoli 6-7hrs 3000m

 Day-05  Trek to Namla 6-7 hrs 3690

 Day-06  Trek to Manogo 4-5hrs 3660m

 Day-07  Trek to Baintha 5-6hrs 3990m

 Day-08  Rest day in Baintha

 Day-09  Trek to Napina 5-6hrs 4380m

Day-10  Trek to Snow Lake Hisper BC 4770m

 Day-11/13  3 days for climb Workman 5890m

Day-14  Trek to Khani Bassa, after

 crossing Hisper Pass 5151m

 Day-15  Trek to Yutmaru Glacier 4-5hrs

 Day-16  Trek to Red Star 6-7hrs

 Day-17  Trek to Bitanmal 6-7hrs

 Day-18  Trek to Hisper village 5-6hrs

 Day-19  Drive to Hunza by 4X4 Jeeps

 Day-20  Full day explore Hunza valley

 Day-21  Drive to Besham 9-10hrs

 Day-22  Drive to Islamabad 6-7hrs

 Day-23  Fly back


Route:- Islamabad-Chilas-Skardu-Askole-Biafo Glacier-Base Camp-Askole-Skardu-Islamabad

No. of Days:23
Season:June- September
Zone:open zone
Max Altitude:5885M