The Aling Glacier, the westernmost of Hushe Valley’s glaciers, is very large with multiple upper branches. Two summits above the upper glaciers, Mitre (5944m) and Sceptre (5800m), attract climbers. From Hushe, cross the river to its west bank and reach the footbridge over the Aling River in two hours. Across the footbridge, the trail turns west into the Aling Valley to Dumsum, a summer village with a two storey mosque. Continue west along the Aling River’s true left (north) bank to Shatonchen pastures, and along the Aling Glacier’s north margin to base camp and Drenmogyalba (royal bear), the highest pasture.

Hushe-pa have 14 stages (one-way) up the demanding route, but no one goes beyond the seventh stage. The seven one-way stages starting from Hushe are: (1) Dumsum; (2) Shatonchen: (3) Base Camp; (4) Drenmogyalba; (5) Sampibrangsa; (6) Khadanlumba; and (7) Tasa.