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Skoro La (5073m) is a little-used pass, first crossed by Falconer in 1838, linking Askole in the Braldu Valley to Namika and Shigar in the Shigar Valley (see the Baltoro Glacier map,). This pass was more frequently used before the road was completed up the Braldu Valley to Askole. It offers an alternative, demanding three-day trek between Askole and Shigar, useful when the road is blocked.

From Askole, cross the Braldu River on a footbridge and ascend steeply to Thal Brok, with fine views. Continue up the Skoro La Lungma’s west bank and camp at Darso Brok, a summer pasture at the Skoro La Glacier’s edge. The next day continue up the glacier,

over snow three to four hours, then turn west and climb to the Skoro La. Descend 450m steeply over snow and rock to the steep grassy slopes below. Camp here or descend another 900m to the Skoro Lungma’s head to camp. The next day, follow the stream, crossing it continuously, with several steep sections, to Namika on the road in the Shigar Valley, 6.5km north of Shigar.


Skoro la (Pass) (5080m) is one of the beautiful and short treks in Pakistan. The trek is located in Shigar valley of Baltistan. The best trekking season is from the month of month of May to October each year.

From Skardu, Shigar can be reached by bus/van/car or jeep. The trek is located in specified open zone and no trekking permit is required.

From Skardu, Shigar can be reached by bus/van/car or jeep. From the Shigar the route leading towards the northeast, hiking up Skoro Lungma, and after a long hike of about 10 hours, can be reached at the campsite below the snow line. The route now twisted up rocks and snow and after about three hours hike can be reached at the Pass. On the other side one can go down to the Skoro La glacier, hiking through a few hamlets can be reahed the Thall Brakk (mountain), after about 7 hours hike from the top of the pass. From there go down steeply to Manjong and Kurpe, cross the Braldu River by a suspension bridge can be reached at Askole.

The return journey from Askole to Skardu can be done by jeep. The trek is located in specified open zone and no trekking perm is required


FAY-01 Upon arrival in at Islamabad Airport, transfer to hotel. Half day city tour 500M O/N Hotel

DAY-02 Drive to Chilas (via Besham -12 hours & via Babusar Pass -10 hours) 1265M O/NHotel

DAY-03 Drive to Skardu (9-10 hours) 2250M O/NHotel

DAY- Final preparations in Skardu 2250M O/N Hotel

DAY- 04 Drive to Teste village by Jeeps. (6-7 hours) 3000M O/N Tent

DAY-05 Trek to summer hut (5-6 hours) 3300M O/N Tent

DAY-06 Trek to skoro la base camp (6-7 hours) 3700M O/N Tent

DAY 07 Free day 4500M O/N Tent

DAY- 09 Cross skoro pass to shiger summer hut (7-8 hours) O/N Hotel

DAY-10- Trek down to shiger -skardu by jeep (7-8 hours) O/N Hotel 11Fly to islamabd or drive to besham

    DAY-12Drive to Islamabad early in the morning and fly for home land


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Hiking, Mountaineering, Bouldering, Mixed


Spring, Summer, Fall

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A few days