rafting in pakistan

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the mighty indus,shayoke hunzza river and kunhar river. These rivers and streams in the north of Pakistan offer great freedom for white water sports. A portion of the waterways that make extraordinary white water sports in Pakistan are the Indus Skardu Baltistan, Gilgit, Hunza, and Kunhar, You can appreciate stream boating, paddling, and kayaking in these waterways.

The Indus in northern Pakistan gives brilliant freedoms to water sports. A portion of the spots that you can visit for water sports in Pakistan are from Naran to Kaghan on the Kunhar; from Dir to Batkhela on the Pankora; from Jaglot to Thakot on the Indus and from Aliabad to Gilgit on the Hunza River and Shyok River from Khaplu to Skardu.

The Shyok River is a waterway coursing through Ladakh and the contested Northern Areas of Pakistan (Ghangche District). Shyok River (a feeder of the Indus) begins from the Rimo ice sheet, one of the tongues of Siachin Glacier, and turns out to be wide at the juncture with the Nubra River (a feeder of Shyok, beginning from Siachin Glacier