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Nangma Valley Tour

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Kanday Nangma Valley Trek


Kanday Nangma Valley Trek is possibly the most notable for rock climbing in Baltistan Region. Kanday Nangma Valley is probably the best rock climbing territory of Karakoram Baltistan. It is an amazing region going from moderate to high height rock climbing, including popular Amin Braq (5850 M), and 5800 meters Incredible towers. So, we have customized this program to give the most extreme chance to scaling tops. Because by choosing autonomous goals simply setting the base camps at the marvelous green site encompassed by taking off granite towers. This valley is one of the beautiful trekking destination in Hushe Valley, Baltistan.

Mesmerising views of Hushe Valley, astonishing cultural interactions, magnificent natural beauties and rich in mountainous landscapes compels travellers and trekkers to these destinations. So, the 45 minuets drive from Khaplu town towards north to Machulo village is unforgettable experience to do. Because, the channel walk in all beautiful hamlets of the town of Machulo is to interact with localities. There are grand Mosque which is adding splendid beauty of the town by having Haldi cones in it’s background. The town has a significance to stay and trek for the easiest, economical, and most interesting view point ” Machulo La K2 view point“. This is a magical view point from where you can see k2 and all other 8000m peaks of Pakistan in a glance. Isn’t it magical?

The Hushe road leads towards Talis, Marzigond and then to Kanday for the beautiful Kanday Nangma Valley Trek. Balaygond and Khaney villages are located opposite to the Hushe River on our right. So, those localities are beautiful even and have trekking spots between the higher cliffs rocks. Kanday village suffered a huge flood and damaged 90% of the village. They migrated to upper side and it’s new Kanday. The New Kanday finds the way to start our Kanday Nangma Valley Trek. 

A simple Kanday Nangma Valley Trek from Kanday town will take you to the Nangma Valley, an asylum of wild excellence with various rock towers. The valley is known as the heaven of rock climbing, introducing the tremendous scene. By going through all sort of characteristic articles like as greenery meadows, with diverse sort of trees with spring cleaner waters. So, it’s surely one of the dedication trip in a day to day existence, as getting a charge out of my little stone climbing.

We have custom fitted this plan to give the greatest chance to explore, trek around and scaling tops by choosing autonomous targets simply setting the basecamp at the fabulous green site encompassed by taking off  towers. The specific investigation began in 1909 by the Italian Undertaking drove by Amadeo Guiseepie. Kanday Nangma Valley Trek will able you to see these with naked eyes.

Amin Braq is quite possibly the most unpredictable and broad dividers on our planet. Harder than Anonymous Pinnacle. it was first endeavored in May 1996 by the accomplished Basque large divider climber, Jon Lazkano. In 1997 Lazkano, along with Adolfo Madinabeitia and Jose Carlos Tamayo, got back to make a container style endeavor on the stone face.

AKHON IBRAHIM in the revelation of Amin Braq in 1995. Mr. Akhon Ibrahim is a famous and experienced mountain tourist guide who accompanied the revelation group. Achievement in the revelation of the Amin Braq in 1995 is confirmation of polished skill and devotion with their work. Mr. Jon Lazkano gave the name of Amin Braq inferable from solid relations with Akhon Ibrahim as Amin is Ibrahim’s son. Spanish groups made a few additional try, however, it wasn’t until 1999 that Enthusiasm Masip, Miguel Puigdomenech, and Silvia Vidal climbed this virgin tower .

Their course, Sol Solet (1650m), required 34 days; it is viewed as quite possibly the most in fact complex courses on the planet. Before a similar season, a Korean group climbed 27 pitches on the west face just to turn around 100 meters from the culmination in hefty snowfall and solid breezes. Not exactly a month later, the Czech group of Filip Silhan, Marek Holecek, and David Stastny finished their course to the highest point, naming it Czech Express (5.12c A3 70 degrees).

The west face, which has an arrangement of edges, isn’t particularly vertical.                                                                                                     

Trip  Name                                Nangma Valley

Altitude                                          4000-M

Range                                             Karakoram

Location                                       Kanday

Ideal Time                                   June-September

Duration                                      13 days

Grade                                           Easy

Zone Type                                  Open

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